Github, Markdown – A small markdown memo for a “Goldfish Memory” with buffer full

As much as possible, I always take the opportunity to write. I mean to write anything: documentation, vocabulary, definition, quotes, book chapters, articles…. any kind of stuff! It’s almost compulsive. I always believe that there will be a future usage for these text’s chunks, somehow. I may be wrong.

Indeed, with Mardown, you have an universal and a common format for any kind of content from text, code with syntax highlight, video, image, directory tree representation and even ASCII Art. It is very useful when you have to manage heterogenous content.

It is even worth since I am confined. I think it is turning to a Word Diogenes Syndrome declination to use terms that are in the mood of time! I do not throw anything that have been written. It has to be turned to something. So, Markdown has become a natural output for the notes and you can imagine, that I am now among the Markdown fanatics! Even though the language is very basic, it does what it’s supposed to: compile key information to enable sharing and reading. What else could we ask to it? Nothing more but nothing less!

I have just release books and most of them have been written in Markdown first. I compiled them after but the very source was in Markdown. As you can imagine, I made some progress but still I always look for code to cut and paste as I always forgot how to make a list, make a link, insert an image… etc.

So, here is my small markdown template with the main reusable elements. The markdown memo can be found on my Github account @bflaven. Check

There is everything that you may need to forge your own markdown file or to start your readme file.

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