Stop Starting, Start Stopping – Wandering from Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics API, through Pandas and JSON

Like anyone, I have my small number of wise quotes or practical aphorisms that ring a bell when it is time to give up delving into further details on a subject.
Quickly, here are the 2 that I give you for free:

  1. The simple and mindful “Stop Starting, Start Stopping….for getting shit done!”
  2. The more ironical on cognitive bias known as a Law of the instrument by Abraham Maslow. “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

I guess you may have experience yourself reaching this point where constant pivoting, endless exploration, intensive reading turns to be more cumbersome than ever solely because you lost your objective along the way.

Instead of soaring, you are drowning, overloaded by information, thinking becomes more painful than pleasant. It must come to an end, right?

That’s the main reason of this post, modestly unleash the result of some of my explorations even so they are not finished! This method provides the immediate benefit of clearing my mind by somehow clearing my virtual desk. I hope that this little mental fresh air will dissipate brain fog and anyway it is a good self-assessment!

So here the topics that I have dealing with recently and I post it to github mostly because I need to free my computer and my mind!

As you can this is mostly Pandas exploration and work with Google Analytics (GA) to see what can be made with the 2 other tools from Google: Google Data Studio and Google Tag Commander (GTM). I have also installed Tabnine to speed up a bit my work and productivity but I do not give clue on that, just follow the instructions on the website. I have installed both for Sublime and Visual Code.

You can find all the code that is mostly work in progress but maybe valuable at leats for me!

  1. google_analytics_api_pandas_reporting
  2. google_tag_manager_google_analytics
  3. json_to_pandas
  4. pandas_convert_json
  5. pandas_learning_basics

More infos