Exploring SEO, SMO, and ASO with AI: Developing Effective Prompts to Boost Digital Strategies

I had to make a “blitz” against SEO, SMO and ASO and see how AI can help me out on that topics both to understand and producing “lethal” prompts that will kill the game! Ambitious?

  1. SEO: The well-known and indestructible “Search Engine Optimization”. It has been here since search engines like Google took power on the internet itself.
  2. SMO: Social Media Optimisation, the activity born with social networks.
  3. ASO: App Store Optimization, a domain unknown to me 2 weeks ago, a sort of distant cousin of SEO.

As I progressed, I was caught up in many other philosophical considerations, particularly on AI. It’s true that I spend time reading philosophy. It ends “affecting” or “infecting” my life’s overall comprehension! So, below, here are some thoughts.

For those who are already bored, you can skip this part and move on to part “1. Collecting SEO Prompts”.

For this post also, you can find all files, mostly prompts, on my GitHub account. See https://github.com/bflaven/ia_usages/tree/main/ia_prompt_seo

I should warn you like on serious post “Any opinions, findings, and conclusion or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of the … etc”

By the way, “Sign o’the Times”, a new disclaimer is born. It exists now an essential document on “Copyright Registration Guidance: Works Containing Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence”. See https://www.copyright.gov/ai/ai_policy_guidance.pdf. Intriguing text talking on what is human and what is not, so what can be protected by copyright or not.

1. “AI m’a tuer” or how AI killed me

Like anyone, I have the impression that the emergence of AI demonetized knowledge and experience. It is even more true in the digital industry: Development, Design, SMO, SEO, ASO, Consulting, Testing, Marketing, Q/A… The list seems endless!

In terms of organization, AI digs the tomb for the power’s exercise, knowledge within companies. Politically, nations are also enlisted for this change. Indeed, from verticality, we go for horizontality! It is the symbolic collapse of time and individuals. In the coming years, the present time will partly drive by IA.

In company for instance, with the irruption of AI, strategy thinking shifts to direct application. This shift can be summarized by this Emiliano Zapata like slogan principle: “The strategy belongs to those who apply it”… And I should add with the help of IA. For sure, sooner or later, sole AI will be in charge.

While waiting for the AI’s triumph, if you are in a position of power, in “seniority” I should say: either you resist with the risk of disappearing, or you support the change to survive! Like always, the truth stands probably in between: to support the change while maintaining your privileges.

In summary, in these glorious AI’s time, it is not easy to know which ethics to adopt regarding work. For the record, nowadays, most people talk about AI but do they realize that this discourse is the germ of an unprecedented historical mutation where human rationality and therefore decisions cease to be at the center of the individual.

Does working in AI consist mostly keyword stuffing? My own personal record was recently broken because in less than 3 minutes I heard the words: Best Of Breed, All-in-one, Ideation, Innovation, Exploration, POV (Proof Of Value), POC (Proof of Concept)… Not bad, huh?

On consulting and keyword stuffing, check out w9_prompts_consulting.md and w10_prompts_consulting.md in _prompts on https://github.com/bflaven/ia_usages/tree/main/ia_prompt_seo

No wonder in work as in many aspects of life, imposter syndrome becomes prevalent. Although AI offers a new lease of life to many sectors, AI thereby infantilizes all individuals and knowledges. So, with the IA, Jane Doe and John Doe aren’t really working – they just shamming. Anyway, IA is a selling product and working on IA make you, a tiny linchpin of the latest transformation driven by markets. There is a pseudo non-conformism to work on IA. I read a definitive conclusion about this.

De tous les conformismes, le conformisme du non-conformisme est le plus hypocrite et le plus répandu aujourd’hui. Vladimir Jankélévitch

Of all conformisms, the conformism of non-conformism is the most hypocritical and the most widespread today.

Anyway, I enjoy using IA and at some point you must still land on something concrete. So, let’s deconstruct with the help of AI some knowledges on SEO and ASO. Remember that you can find all the code and the prompts behind this post.

1. Collecting SEO Prompts

I decided to go with an API as I want to industrialize my best SEO practices for any kind of content that I produce. I also use my personal blog as an API as I cannot give access to the API I am working with professionally.

In very rational way, for the SEO issue, I try to answer to these simple questions:

  1. Data: What data do I have? Ok, my blog is fine for a POV with the WordPress API.
  2. Prompts: Is there anyone on planet earth who has worked on prompts for SEO? Yep, plenty of professional has worked on this issue. A quick fishing on GitHub have given me plenty of examples.
  3. Code: Is there any logic available through code on GitHub for instance regarding this issue? I did not find so much files as most of the professional are making the praise of their services and SaaS e.g. semrush.com

1. Data: Using the WordPress API

I am using WP as a content provider for my prompts.

# WP API access_1

# WP API access_2

# WP API access_3

2. Prompts: sources for SEO prompts

2.1 Prompts: Good posts on SEO and prompts.

Some good posts on SEO leveraging on AI that are basically identical as the recipes are the same.

  1. Top 40 Best ChatGPT Prompts for SEO https://seo.ai/blog/chatgpt-prompts-for-seo
  2. ChatGPT Cheat Sheet for SEO Pros in 2024 | 30 Best Prompts https://hackr.io/blog/chatgpt-cheat-sheet-for-seo
  3. 14 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT to Boost Your SEO Performance
    ChatGPT Cheat Sheet for SEO Pros in 2024 | 30 Best Prompts https://www.semrush.com/blog/chatgpt-seo/
  4. 45 AI Prompts To Supercharge Your SEO Strategy in 2024 https://www.upwork.com/resources/ai-prompts-seo
  5. 10 Powerful Prompts for AI-powered Backlink Building https://www.toolify.ai/ai-news/10-powerful-prompts-for-aipowered-backlink-building-1044152

2.2 Prompts: Some prompts examples dedicated to SEO

Some real prompts examples that are sometime source of inspiration or not.

3. Code: Python Tools for SEO

Like always, I go for Python and even more for Streamlit. This time, the harvest is disappointing. The SEO professional may keep much of their secrets, or I did not perform the good queries on GitHub search 🙂 Any way here is some project that explore IA and SEO.

Tool #1: Lee Foot GitHub Repository: SEO Scripts and Apps
A great site and a major source of information on SEO, mixing good practices and IA. Very pragmatic posts.

# get to dir
cd /Users/brunoflaven/Documents/01_work/blog_articles/ia_prompt_seo

# clone the git
git clone https://github.com/searchsolved/search-solved-public-seo.git

Source: https://github.com/searchsolved/search-solved-public-seo

More infos on https://leefoot.co.uk/

Tool #2: Open source Audits Toolkit
OSAT stands for “Open source Audits Toolkit”. According ot the author, here is the baseline.

OSAT is a collection of tools created help you in your quest for a better website. All of these tools have been grouped into a single web app.

That speaks for itself!

# get to dir
cd /Users/brunoflaven/Documents/01_work/blog_articles/ia_prompt_seo

# clone the git
git clone https://github.com/StanGirard/seo-audits-toolkit.git

Source: https://github.com/StanGirard/seo-audits-toolkit

Tool #1: Python SEO Analyzer
I did have time to make a full assessment of this tool, but it seems promising.

# get to dir
cd /Users/brunoflaven/Documents/01_work/blog_articles/ia_prompt_seo

# clone the git
git clone https://github.com/sethblack/python-seo-analyzer.git

# or install manually
pip install pyseoanalyzer

Source: https://github.com/sethblack/python-seo-analyzer

2. ASO (App Store Optimization) Prompts

Another subject that seems to me quite close to SEO concerns but in the field of mobile applications. I had to find some guidelines to prompt AI on ASO, like I did previously for SEO. So here is the result of this ASO blitzkrieg.

  • Choose an app name with less than 30 characters.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Keywords from the app title weigh the most in the App Store.
  • Moving a keyword from the “keywords” field to the title can increase conversion rates by 40%.
  • Changing the title and keywords can improve app ranking by 67% on average, potentially reaching top charts.
  • App title keywords have a greater impact than those in the “keywords” field.

Tips for choosing the perfect app name:

Some bullet points to improve the first element “app name” in App Store Optimization (ASO).

  • Easy to understand and unique, conveying the main purpose through the icon and first two screenshots.
  • Compare with competitors to stand out or counterattack using the same keywords.
  • Use the strongest, most relevant keywords in the title due to character limits.
  • Avoid special characters (e.g., trademark or copyright symbols) in the app title.

Tips for optimizing the app subtitle:

Some bullet points to improve the first element “app subtitle” in App Store Optimization (ASO).

  • Optimize subtitles with impactful, descriptive keywords matching relevant search queries.
  • Do not repeat keywords already used in the app name or “keywords” field as they are only counted once.
  • Exact title match for search keywords results in better ranking.

What you can improve for your App Store Optimization (ASO)

The main levers for App Store Optimization (ASO).

1. Optimize Your App's Title and Subtitle
2. Add Keywords (Apple App Store Only)
3. Write Engaging App Descriptions
4. Add Compelling Visual Elements 
5. Encourage Reviews and Ratings
6. Maximize Downloads
7. Update Regularly
8. Monitor Results and Keep Testing
9. Go International

Source: https://www.semrush.com/blog/app-store-optimization/

3. Methodology

First, as I intend to release around the D-DAY, I got Ike in mind. Second, this decision-making matrix still sticks around in my head a bit. It’s a simple way when you tackle a subject, to organize your work to be ready, for example, by a specific date. I naturally applied this matrix on this exploration combining AI & SEO, AI & SMO… etc. Briefly explained in this post.

Plans Are Worthless, But Planning Is Everything. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Thinking tools: the Eisenhower Matrix

Thinking tools: the Eisenhower Matrix

Source: https://thinkingalliance.co.uk/thinking-tools-the-eisenhower-matrix/

More infos