Quick exploration of Google Trends, Future of Journalism vs IA, D3 tree and sitemap

The purpose of any post is potentially to go from ideation to implementation but often I get overwhelmed by information.
Sometime, it is hard to process all the information from different topics in order to find relevancy. This post is no exception. Let’s give a quick insight on these different topics by making a shortlist. As often this post is an iterative construction on several simultaneous and offbeat ideas that have impacted my last three months.

1. Future of Journalism vs IA: Apparently, the company that employs me would like to modestly initiate reflection on the future of journalism with the eruption of AI. A kind of study that synthesize information more broadly on the impacts of AI on the practice of journalism.

I found many resources but this one is great.

2. Discovering Google Trends
During a SEO mission, I gave me the opportunity to explore again Google Trends with a question in mind: What relevant editorial information can we draw from these statistics?

The exploration of google trends reminded me at my expense of two fundamental rules:

  1. Trying to do too much usually results in something that fails at everything.
  2. Failing into formalism where you are thinking about concepts without embracing them by practice.

To avoid the first pitfall? Well you need to constrain your attention and curiosity. For the second pitfall, in producing code, I take a MVP [Minimum Viable Product] start-up mindset. Essentially, this means launching a POC then iterating on it continuously… and I am using daily Chat GPT to process code to skip difficulties often encountered in programming.

You can find all files on my GitHub account. See https://github.com/bflaven/BlogArticlesExamples/tree/master/google_trends_sitemap

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